Im Daniel Stone, and I dont take no for an answer. Money can buy everything, including the rundown inn I need to complete my luxury hotel deal. Some old lady is refusing to sell the damn inn to me – I cant have that. I wont let her stop my plans even if it means pretending to be a guest at her inn. I drive to the middle of nowhere, ready to make a deal of a lifetime with her, but instead of an old frail lady, I meet a fiery, sexy, stubborn woman, unwilling to let go of her past. Until I show her just how much she needs to move on& with me. She tries to resist, of course, but she needs me more than she realized. And chasing her is quite a thrill . Owning her will be the ultimate prize. I wont let go – until the inn and its sexy owner belong to me. She, and the inn, will be sold to me!I am Daniel Stone, and no one says no to me. SOLD TO ME is a standalone, happily ever after romance novel with loads of steam and no fluff! This edition contains one extra full-length romance novels with even more steam!