She wants to be loved, faithful and true. She gave her heart only to have it broken by two. Her name is Yaniah-Janay Gilliam. Her life goal is to attend Georgetown University to pursue her Juris Doctorate at their prestigious law program. Its a goal she has prepared for since high school, and she is well on her way to accomplishing her task& until she meets him.Hes Patrick, her boss at the financial firm where she is employed. Unbeknownst to her, hes been slowly and methodically shaping her into his perfect prey. He knows that she has never been in a relationship, and he wants her. He knows that shes naïve and tenderhearted. Something others see as a good quality, he uses for his own selfishness. Just like that, her life goals are threatened, and the good girl, who was raised as a Southern Baptist, taught to share Gods Word with others, is quickly sucked into this ungodly world. One mistake, one native mistake, and her little bubble is destroyed. Feeling lost and alone, she flees to the opening arms of another. His name is Landon, and she hopes he will be the one to replace the damaging parts of her weeping heart. How soon she forgets that what is done in the dark will come to light, and all will reap what they sow. Oh, how she reaps. As soon as she opens herself to him, that flame that burns so brightly begins to flicker until darkness is all that consumes her. Landon, like Patrick, sees her kindness as weakness and uses it for his own gain. Right when she thinks she can be broken no more, or feel anymore unworthy as she already does, she is struck again by despair. But this time, not by man& Instantly, the good girl, the Christian that so easily gives to those in need, is in need herself. She falls into a deep depression and feels her past mistakes will be the death of her.However, God is a good God and never allows his children to suffer more than they can bear. Yaniah begins to go through a transformation of anger, fear, forgiveness, and finally love. She starts to find delight in the simplest tasks and, most importantly, she renews her faith in Christ. She meets Dr. Geremiah McDaniel, who goes beyond treating the mind, but also the spirit. Geremiah becomes the light to her darkness, the hope of her hopelessness and her possibility of a new beginning. He is the very definition of fine. His hair is the color of black sand, skin the color of Egyptian lands, and he is a man after Gods own heart. But fear keeps her from fully allowing herself to be loved. She knows that the hands of evil have scarred her already, and shes chastising her hungry heart for needing him. Could a man like Geremiah see past her mistakes and love her anyway? Should Yaniah let her heart take its chances to be loved by him? Is Geremiah the one to show her that God can turn mistakes into masterpieces, or will he be just another mistake?This standalone novel will be an emotional rollercoaster that showcases that God can use any mistake and turn it into a masterpiece!

TComing Home

Coming Home