Something wicked is brewing in New York. “A month ago, I watched in horror as six of my fellow initiates died after sipping the Nectar of the gods, a heavenly drink that either grants you magical powers or kills you. I cant believe Im coming back for seconds.& Leda Pierce has survived the gods first test and gained entry into the Legion of Angels, but the fight is far from over. Someone is poisoning the supernaturals of New York. Suspecting witches, the Legion sends in Leda to investigate. To save the city, she will need magic she doesnt have&and gaining that magic might just kill her. Now her survival depends on accepting help from the darkly seductive angel Nero, but that help comes with a price she cannot afford to pay.Witchs Cauldron is the second book in the Legion of Angels series.The Legion of Angels seriesVampire's KissWitch's CauldronSiren's SongDragon's StormBook 5 coming soon