Lexi Jardine may be a thief, but shes not stupid. When a crooked fireshaper wants her to steal a ring from the boss of his order, she knows its a one-way ticket to sleeping with the fishes. Her answer is to drop off the face of the earth.Safely hidden in a quiet seaside town, she just needs to keep her head down and pretend to be a regular human. Since her only magical ability is the power to control animals, that should be easy, right?Then a new fireshaper shows up in town. Hes hot as hell but oddly hostile. With his suspicious eyes watching her every move, her safe haven starts feeling more like a trap. When her best friend disappears, Lexi knows the time for hiding is over. Though the fireshapers are more powerful, Lexis not one to abandon a friend&but it will take everything shes got to save them both from the flames.