Shona McGuire begins to build a new life in a magnificent villa on the shores of idyllic Teal Lake. She looks forward to returning to the ordinary world she once despised. Shona desperately wants to move past the trauma that has shattered her confidence, create a secure new world for her son and be with a man that can return her love.But is the ruthless, workaholic Blake Coleman capable of being that man? He has left it all behind to join her in paradise. All behind apart from his corporate life, and his half-truths. When a stranger seeking solitude visits the lake, and tragedy tears Blakes world apart, Shona finds it is more than an ocean that separates their very different lives. Insanity soon begins to build a bridge back to the past and weave a destructive road through their present. “The Cost of Caviar& picks up the story of Shona McGuire and Blake Coleman that began in the novel “Crumbs to Caviar.& The “Beach and Beyond& books are also available as a bundle.The author of this book resides in New Zealand. If you are a reader from the United States, the spelling of some words may differ slightly from what is familiar to you. A glossary at the back of the book provides insight in to the New Zealand terms.Mature content warning. This book contains language that may offend some readers.