How To Teach Your Child To Read and Lead at the Same Time Set the foundation for preschoolers and toddlers to love Early Reading, Phonics, Science, Math, Art, and Geography. Welcome to the I-Leader-Reader Series. We have designed these books for early readers to have the opportunity to learn to read about leaders. These leaders are identifiable people, thereby allowing your child to see the leader in them. Your Child Will Learn to Read VisuallyDo you have a child that is a visual learner? Do you find your child trying to guess or memorize the words instead of truly learning to read? Our early reader method uses a Visual Word Builder Map to help your child identify words. This method forces your child to take the time to put the words together. It is great for visual learners, antsy toddlers, and active preschoolers.Improve Your Childs Social SkillsAre you concerned about your childs social skills and interaction with other children? Do you always find your child being the rowdy one in the bunch. This book uses historical leaders to highlight the importance of what it means to be a leader. Each activity ends with what we call a “Shining Leader Moment& . These Shining Leader Moments highlight the leadership qualities your child can take away while learning about fun and interesting topics in math, science, or geography.We have designed a special method for you to learn your childs leadership skills called, “Loves to Lead& . We discuss five ways your child may express how they Love to Lead. These Love to Lead expressions will allow you to understand how your child prefers to lead themselves and others. It is your job to mirror their expression to provide them with a positive affirmation. This affirmation says, “Its great to be me!& There is 5 major expressions people Love to Lead by: Patience, Serving, Impact, Great Words, and Giving. We have designed specific activities to help develop your Love to Lead skills. The purpose of these activities is to get your child in the habit of using their strengths and gifts in any situation. Furthermore, allowing them to appreciate the gifts and strengths in others. Thereby, improving their social skillsGreat Full Learning Curriculum for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary StudentsAre you a parent who homeschools their child? Are you a mother looking for extra enrichment in African American History, Math, Reading, or, Science? The I-Leader- Reader Series is PERFECT for you. Each Learning Session is designed in 15 minute modules, to teach your child early reading through the combination of phonics and sight words. In addition, at the end of each learning session you will engage your child in a fun activity to further enhance their learning experience and increase your bonding time. Your preschooler, kindergartner, or elementary age child will learn very important lessons about what it means to be a leader and a great reader through super engaging activities. An Amazing Array of African American LeadersAre you a parent in search of books on African Americans? The I-Leader-Reader Series is the IDEAL choice. We use African American Leaders in our stories to provide children with the connection to people in history with great accomplishments. We want your child to know they can be a leader too!Moya OjarigiMoya is a passionate Teacher, Speaker, Mother, and Preschool Director. She believes every child deserves the best. The I-Leader-Reader Series has been created through Moyas years of research and interest in childhood development. Our job as parents, caregivers, and teachers is to provide children with the opportunity to further develop their gifts or strengths. As your child continues along the I-Leader-Reader Series they will build a better foundation to become a Great Leader and Reader! Dont miss out- Buy All the Books in the Series Today! Your Child Deserves it! </b