Loch is seeking revenge. It would help if she wasnt in jail.The plan: to steal a priceless elven manuscript that once belonged to her family, but now is in the hands of the most powerful man in the Republic. To do so Loch&former soldier, former prisoner, current fugitive&must assemble a crack team of magical misfits that includes a cynical illusionist, a shapeshifting unicorn, a repentant death priestess, a talking magical warhammer, and a lad with seemingly no skills to help her break into the floating fortress of Heavens Spire and the vault that holds her familys treasure&all while eluding the unrelenting pursuit of Justicar Pyvic, whose only mission is to see the law upheld.What could possibly go wrong?The Palace Job is a funny, action-packed, high-fantasy heist caper in the tradition of Scott Lynchs Gentleman Bastards series, from debut author Patrick Weekes.