Review I have come to the conclusion that my favorite part of this book was Mr. Corporate's heart . He gives Mr. Romantic a run for his money in the name department. Thereare so many parts where you get this raw version of him. Genuine andsincere. So damn real that my heart ached. - Michelle New (Goodreads Top Reviewer) A true Huss classic that leaves you guessing and speculating where thingsare going, where they will end and if the true meaning is up or down. Areal page turner that is impossible to put down once you start to read. Enjoy! I know I did. - Jeri (Goodreads Reviewer) I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment in the series and sincewe're getting closer to the final book, all of our questions will beanswered! I really like the way Julie will keep you literally glued to the edge of your seat until the very end (anything is freakingpossible with her, I should know since I'm very much addicted to herstories lol). The way she creates those situations, the suspense is just awe-inspiring . - Book Loving Fairy-Blog I have to say this is so far the best of the Misters , and that is saying a lot because so far they have all been good. Ms Huss has everything in this story, great chemistry between Corporate andTori, from love to hate and just plain lust. Yea they may swear to hateeach other but they lie. Trust Me. These two are meant to be together... - Simply Chaotic This book was amazingly written andhad me hating when I needed to put it down. West is everything you knowwhen it comes to the Misters, he is closed off, sexy, reserved and so very lonely. It was an absolute pleasure to read his book and of course JA Huss is the queen of WTH moments! Sit back and enjoy the ride! - Melissa Ann Schaub (Goodreads Reviewer) Weston Conrad is my favorite of the Misters so far . He is still keeping a lot of information to himself, so my opinion might change, but for now, he is golden. He is a good-looking, self-made-man.He is a considerate lover. He is sentimental and thoughtful. When he'snot arguing with Victoria,he is confessing the sweetest, most tenderemotions imaginable. - Julie (GoodreadsReviewer) Justwhen I thought I was starting to figure some stuff out, BAM, I was wayoff. I love J A Huss' writing style in this series. She lures you in,keeps you on the edge of your seat, throws in some super sexy times, then knocks you on your a** . -Michele (Goodreads Reviewer) I fell in love with Tori, she is so crazy and wild and stubborn! She cutsher nose off despite her face, but I get her. And West, he is a strongalpha male, but he truly loves Tori flaws and all. All he has ever wanted is to take care of her, if only she would let him. I think they might just be my favorite J.A. Huss couple. Well, until the next book comes out anyway. - Kimberly (The Book Sirens) The sexual tension between Mr. Corporate aka Wes and Tori is high and their banter is hilarious. This book is tough and gritty. Both Wes and Tori have dark pasts andsecrets, but end up loving each other after all the time that has past.The questions I have for Mr. Mysterious are abundant.Then there is goodold Five... what's his story??? I cannot wait to see how everything plays out. - Melissa Wright (Goodreads Reviewer) Can twopeople who feel so strong about each other ever get past the pain andmysteries of the past? Will love win in the end? I enjoyed thisbook...could not put it down. As with other books by this talentedauthor I never saw what was coming but so enjoyed everything that happened . -Kimkbries The emotional and sexual tension throughout this book and the questions that arise will have you hanging on for dear life. Not sure how JA Huss does it, but holy crow, this is a fantastic series! - Heidi R Read more