Ellie Atherton is done with love. Two failed relationships are two too many& Refurbishing a house on Maui for an eccentric heiress seems just what Ellie needs to get her life back on track after parting ways with yet another boyfriend. A little separation and hard work will do her good. Except her tropical island paradise brings more than she expected. Denver Edgerly isnt just another random tourist at the beach. Hes Ellies new neighbor and everything shes spent her life looking for& Still down in the dumps about her relationship status, Ellie takes a snorkeling class to cheer herself up. But when she ends up in deep water, in more ways than one, she panics. It takes Denvers cool head and strong arms to rescue her. Turns out her savior isnt just a great swimmer&hes charming, wealthy, and most importantly, trustworthy. But is her new dream guy everything he claims to be? Just as Ellies relationship with her gorgeous neighbor heats up, odd things start happening around the island. Her gardener is found dead, and at night she hears strange noises around her house. When someone leaves a threatening note on her car, Ellie feels like the murderer has her in his sights. And why does Denver never seem to be around when she needs him most? When passions and betrayal get too close to home, will the underside of paradise prove fatal? Or will she finally find the wild passion shes been looking for?