Review A celebration of movie love, by a lover of movies, for the lovers of movies. Equal parts fun & insightful. - Jeremy Jahns, YouTube Movie Reviews Read more From the Back Cover Chris Stuckmann is the Roger Ebert of Youtube and this book is awesome.”Varla Ventura, author of SheroesMillions of movie fans rely upon pop culture tastemaker Chris Stuckman’s ?lmreviews before they buy a ticket. Why? Because Stuckman delivers the goods withdeeply informed and thoughtful reviews that help us sort out the “must-sees” fromthe “don’t waste your time” schlockfests. His honest take as a cinephile is somethingyou can always depend upon. This is what sets him apart from the pack and makeshis “bucket list” selection an excellent guide to movies you just gotta see before youstart pushing daisies. In this new edition, Chris Stuckman adds new ?lms he deemsare essential viewing.Since the turn of the century, movie lovers have been enjoying a second goldenage. But which ?lms are the best of the best? What are the top movies since 2000 tosee before you die? In the The Film Bu?’s Bucket List, Chris Stuckmann, one ofYouTube’s most popular ?lm reviewers (70+ million views) gives us his best of thebest! These are the ?lms you must see before you die. As Stuckman says, “My love ofmovies turned into the art of ?lm. A good movie is like a balm. It can soothe,enthrall, entice, inspire.” Discover movies you and your family will LOVE with thisbook. Start the popcorn! Chris Stuckmann’s intelligent take on ?lm has seen his popularity on YouTubeskyrocket, and his passion easy to see in this book. The Film Bu?’s Bucket List hasa fantastic selection of movies, both big and small, that all ?lm lovers can enjoy.This is a wonderful reference guide for the times where you don’t --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. Read more See all Editorial Reviews