Review Your checklist for making positive changes. — A book like this reminds even the busiest people to slow down and think about what makes them, well, them every once in a while.   — Bustle The 52 Lists Project is literally taking my list game to a new productive and uplifting level. — Shopify “This sort of list-making is something I look forward to each week, and it helps with evening anxiety”— TLC Love creating lists? Than this journal is a must have! —Woman's World You can now grab a copy of the gorgeous journal and let the simple weekly prompts guide you through the ups and downs of each season — Brit + Co   Seal’s book goes week by week, season by season, giving you prompts that will get the creative juices flowing. —The Huffington Post Whether you're a long-time list maker or are just warming up to the idea, it can be a powerful way to stay organized, but also to reflect on your goals. — Daily Burn  This book is great for stepping away from one’s hectic life and thinking about the things that make us grateful and happy. — Breitbart To-do lists might be necessary but they aren’t a lot of fun. But ya know what is really fun? This amazing new book from Moorea Seal, The 52 Lists Projects. — eHarmony  The 52 Lists a journal with a year’s worth of aspirational prompts that looks something like Instagram incarnate. — City Arts A perfect Fringe Hours exercise that totally filled my soul. — The Mom Creative Not only has this book been a great way to unwind at the end of a busy week, but it’s been so inspirational with all of the prompts and mini 'action items' at the end of every list. — The Demure Muse If you want to spend the next year taking ownership of your life, you need to pick up The 52 Lists Project. — Stylish 365   Trust us, this will not be another chore to add to your list, but instead, a weekly brainstorming session about what makes you… YOU that you’ll no doubt look forward to. — Domino  Filled with a list for every week of the year, you’ll become your best by maximizing your creative power all year long. — Tobi Fairley, Tobi's Blog There isn’t a more thoughtful gift out there for the list lover in your life.   — Avenue Calary  The book itself is absolutely lovely with hand lettering and foil embossing. — The Augusta Chronicle  It can serve as a great organizational tool, with ample room left over for taking stock of your life. — Daily Bulletin With gorgeous photography and illustrations, we think it'll be hard not to fall in love with it. — Buro 24/7  “A welcome alternative to Netflix binges and Instagram scrolls, the 52 List Project helps you focus on your true values, as opposed to the superficial things we sometimes get bogged down by.” —Sheer Luxe A list for each week of the year nurtures joy, creativity and self-expression! Who wouldn't want that in their lives? — Liz Avenue “[O]ne of my favorite Seattle entrepreneurs.”—Soap Queen “[Helps] you realize you already have plenty of productivity, creativity and confidence, though it’ll help you sharpen each quality, too.”—Punched Clocks “A gorgeous journal is for list lovers.” —The Triplet Farm “A journey of self-reflection.” —Bisouselle “I have been filling [it] out all year and absolutely love it.” —Sweet Violet Beauty “Personal.” —Wolf and Stag Making lists helps organize the mind, which can keep a clear head. This particular book guides you with list making and also inspires you to be productive. It's quite interesting and fun to do! —Fresh U I love taking some time out of my day to write in my journals and just get away from my laptop! —Empfire You’ll be able to personally express yourself through the words you write and reflect on them as much as you wish. — Cliche Magazine In this world of chaos, writing a simple list can only help to create a sense of order.  —The Book Chief Taking list-making to a new level and bringing happiness and inspiration along with it! —New Day Northwest This beautiful book features 52 prompts that range from the thoughtful to the aspirational. — Real Simple  Perfectly timed prompts that meet you where you are throughout the different seasons.  — Bustle Inspire[s] positive thinking and keep[s] you centered. —Beauty and Well Being This sweet little journal was both beautiful to look at and a fun little way to give myself a 5-minute break. —Sweatpants + Coffee “The 52 Lists Project is a collection of lists, one for each week of the year, that will help a recent grad find beauty, creativity, and joy to help make their dreams become a reality.”—Southern Living  “Instead of giving you a schedule for your life, this journal helps you remember what excites you and helps you become more active in achieving your goals.”— Bustle “Seal’s book provides a space for a weekly list based on topical suggestions.”— Seattle's Child Read more From the Author Writing the the 52 Lists Project has been an incredible journey for me. It all started out as a project on my blog, motivated by my own desires to improve my life, combat depression and anxiety, and my passion to empower women and children across the world by encouraging reflection and a pro-active attitude. I started my business Moorea Seal (also my name) with just $10, some hand me down jewelry pliers, some thrifted jewelry and a whole lot of determination. And today I'm lucky enough to be the founder and owner of an online retail site Moorea Seal, a brick and mortar shop in Seattle, WA with the same name, I have a staff of 12 incredible employees, my own jewelry line and growing wholesale lines, and now a beautiful journal in the 52 Lists Project that perfectly exemplifies the life I lead, the type of attitude I work hard to cultivate, and the lifestyle that I promote, one that is rich with self investment, compassion, hard work, and love.I hope that with the 52 Lists Project, everyone who uses the journal finds beautiful reminders through their lists of the good hearts that lie within them, the strength that they already have harnessed inside, their wisdom built off of years of experiences, and loads of encouragement and fun! 52 Lists is so simple and easy to use, just take a few minutes or an hour a week to sit down and write your list. Snuggle up with your favorite hot drink in the winter time, or lay in the sunshine in the summer and let the prompts guide your thoughts, pushing you to a brighter and more joyful life.xo Moorea Seal Read more See all Editorial Reviews