Review Review of the first edition: This book is a treasure-trove. It will be hugely useful to instructors teaching any level of mythology course. Not only does it provide, under one cover, good translations of the two complete books essential to every course (Theogony; Homeric Hymns), but it also offers hundreds of pages of additional primary material. . . . No other book in English offers such a wide range of well-translated and important sources. This will be the perfect complement to courses in myth and ancient civilization, making exploration of the mythic heritage richer and more intellectually exciting for all. . . . The quality of translation is universally high—passages are simple, direct, accurate, yet preserve (as the editors wished) a good sense of the native stylistic variations found in the range of excerpts. —Richard Martin, Stanford UniversityReview of the first edition: I am astonished by the simplicity of the idea, and, at the same time, the complexity of the effort, that joined to produce this outstanding work . . . the organization is impeccable and the selection is provocative. [An] invaluable contribution to the way we teach Classical myth at the university level. —Monica Cyrino, University of New MexicoReview of the first edition: I believe any mythology teacher who uses primary texts should order this volume for their classes; I certainly will. While the combination of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns in one volume is in itself welcome, the addition of Apollodorus, Pausanias, Lucian, and Ovid's Heroides, among many others, should prove irresistible to experienced teachers of myth. . . . The introductory materials are very clear and well presented. —Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University Read more About the Author Stephen M. Trzaskoma and R. Scott Smith are Assistant Professors of Classics, University of New Hampshire.Stephen Brunet is Associate Professor of Classics, University of New Hampshire. Read more