From Publishers Weekly President Barry Soetoro, the villain of bestseller Coonts's provocative thriller, is due to leave office in five months when he uses a convenient terrorist attack to declare martial law, adjourn Congress, suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and become the dictator of the United States. He fires CIA director Jake Grafton (last seen in 2013's Pirate Alley) and throws him in a federal detention center in West Virginia along with hundreds of conservative politicians and political commentators. Grafton's ex-CIA pal, Tommy Carmellini (also last seen in Pirate Alley), decides he's going to bust his old boss out of jail. Meanwhile, Texas secedes from the union and begins seizing U.S. military bases. Soetoro's opponents have a long list of gripes: he's a self-proclaimed black messiah, Soetorocare is a disaster, and EPA regulations are designed to save the climate at the expense of the working men and women of Texas. Coonts's excellent action scenes, which shift between Tommy's jailbreak scheme and the civil war with Texas, grind to a halt as characters stop to give fervent speeches about freedom. Those who don't care for Obama or his policies will find a lot to like. Agent: Deborah C. Grosvenor, Grosvenor Literary Agency. (June) Read more Review Praise for Flight of the Intruder [Coonts'] gripping, first-person narration of aerial combat is the best I've ever read. Once begun, this book cannot be laid aside. - The Wall Street Journal Coonts' pilots are the real McCoy and his compassion for them sustains his story from first page to last . . . a sometimes exhilarating, often nightmarish tale. - Kirkus Reviews A winner. - The Philadelphia Inquirer Kept me strapped in the cockpit of the author's imagination for a down-and-dirty novel. - St. Louis Post-Dispatch Extraordinary! Once you start reading, you won't want to stop! - Tom Clancy, bestselling author Packed with action, emotion, suspense, and tragedy. - Clive Cussler, bestselling author Coonts makes us see, smell, hear, taste, and feel battle. - Cleveland Plain-Dealer Praise for Pirate Alley A first-class thriller. - Denver Post SwashbucklingÂ…Thriller lovers will enjoy this one for its fast pace, colorful locale, and satisfying conclusionÂ…Coonts takes us on a heck of a good ride. - Kirkus Reviews A stomach-clenching nail-biter that will leave readers exhausted and satisfied. - Publishers Weekly [With] a plot that's ripped straight out of the newsÂ…this is one for your must-read list. - Sunday Gazette-Mail A realistic and frightening multilayered story...[that will] change the way you view pirates, cruise ships, and Washington forever. - Jim DeFelice, bestselling author of American Sniper Praise for The Disciple Coonts carefully builds his plot using a wide cast of characters, from insider Iranian spies to cutting-edge aircraft pilots and government officials both high and low. Hardly a page passes without nerve-stretching tension or flat-out action. One can only hope the U.S. president, the head of the CIA, and the Israeli prime minister will have this book on their nightstands for easy reference in case fiction turns to reality, an all-too-real possibility as evidenced by recent headlines. - Publishers Weekly (starred review) Praise for The Assassin ExcitingÂ…. The action moves swiftly to its Hollywood ending. - Publishers Weekly Praise for The Traitor An assured international thriller. - Publishers Weekly Praise for Liars and Thieves Coonts knows how to write and build suspenseÂ…this is the mark of a natural storyteller. - The New York Times Book Review Former Grafton sidekick Tommy Carmellini, ex-burglar and CIA operative, has been promoted to star in what's sure to be another excellent, long-lived seriesÂ…Tommy is smart, brave, skilled, and possessed of enough self-deprecating, wise-cracking wit to endear him to readersÂ…readers of the Jake Grafton series will easily make the leap to Tommy Carmellini, and new readers can be expected to sign up for this hipper hero. - Publishers Weekly (starred review) Tommy is a self-deprecating and wise-cracking narrator who brings a welcome energy to the genre. And fans will be pleased to see a now retired Jake Grafton and his wife, Callie, make an appearance. - Library Journal Praise for Liberty GrippingÂ…Coonts's naval background and his legal education bring considerable authority to the story, and the narrative is loaded with detailed information about terrorist networks, modern weaponry, and international intrigueÂ…the action is slam-bang. - Publishers Weekly An action-packed thrillerÂ…[a] high-octane tale. - Midwest Book Review Frighteningly realistic. - Maxim Magazine Praise for America This master of the techno-thriller spins a bone-chilling worst-case scenarioÂ…[Coonts] rivals Clancy for fiction-as-realism and Cussler for spirited actionÂ…[He] never lets up with heart-racing jet/missile combat, suspenseful submarine maneuvers, and doomsday scenarios that feel only too real. - Publishers Weekly (starred review) Coonts' action and the techno-talk are as gripping as ever. - Kirkus Reviews Give a hearty 'welcome back' to Admiral. Jake GraftonÂ….Thrilling roller-coaster action. - The Philadelphia Inquirer Praise for Fortunes of War [Coonts is] a natural storyteller [with] a rare gift....Fortunes of War is crammed with action, suspense, and characters with more than the usual one dimension found in these books. - USA Today Read more See all Editorial Reviews