Review “…If you begin to work through Lancer’s exercises on your own, you will likely gain self-knowledge. Think of the book as a launch point for eventually getting closer to your authentic self, rather than an immediate solution, and it may just help you with some codependency issues.”--Megan Riddle,“It would be a shame not to give this book a try.”--Danielle Stewart,“I picked this book up so I could better understand codependency and the association of shame. In that, Lancer’s book fulfilled my need for knowledge. I was impressed with Lancer’s breadth of understanding, the self-examination exercises throughout, and the information being shared within these pages.”--Nina Longfield,“This book is definitely a worthy read as well as eye-opening in how shame toys and plays with us.”--Svetlana’s Reads and Views,“I will keep this book with the rest of my resources that I found invaluable. In fact, I recommend this book to pretty much everyone.”--Literally Jen,“Conquering Shame and Codependency just might be a great companion to keep on your shelf.”--Patricia’s Wisdom,“Teachers, family therapists, and school counselors will find this a good reference in identifying factors and solutions for those they may be concerned with assisting; and for anyone who has experienced the negative effects shame can produce, this book are recommended reading.”--My Bookshelf,“An eye-opener and a good food for thought read.”--Bookish Ardour, I recommend this book if you are going through a trying time and are looking for answers. --Robyn Baldwin, Read more About the Author Darlene Lancer is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 25 years of experience working with individuals and couples. She regularly gives seminars on self-esteem, relationships, codependency, and addiction. Author of Codependency for Dummies, How to Speak Your Mind: Become Assertive and Set Limits, and 10 Steps to Self-Esteem, she has also published numerous articles as well as her own website, Darlene lives in Santa Monica, California. Read more