From the Inside Flap You're too restless for your own good, Sallie, my sister Frannie liked to say. But honestly, sometimes other places just sounded more interesting than my own Plain community set in fertile farmland. Beautiful, jah, but with all the familiar landmarks--the same old everything. And, because of my hope to take at least one wunnerbaar-gut trip, I'd put off joining church.As to be expected, Dat and Mamm weren't thrilled about my desire to travel. After all, with my nine older siblings already safely in the fold, I was the sole straggler, and now that I was nearly twenty, my parents' concern was all the more concentrated as spring blossomed and, with it, the realization of the trip I'd been saving for now for three long years.After that, I would settle down and bring my Rumschpringe to an end. This is the year, Mamm, I promised. For sure? Mamm pinned me with her blue eyes. Jah, for sure. Journey to the heart of Amish country with Beverly Lewis The Wish, The Atonement, The Photograph, The Love Letters, The RiverAvailable Wherever Books Are Sold BEVERLY LEWIS penned her first story at age nine while living near Lancaster County Amish farmland, where she grew up. She welcomes her many reader-friends each day on Facebook and personally replies to fan mail. Lewis lives with her husband in Colorado near their family. Visit her website at --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Read more From the Back Cover Oh, to see the ocean, Sallie thought . And to spend the summer as a nanny. She shook her head in amazement. This seemed too good to be true, but she really must talk it over with Dat and Mamm, especially since she'd be gone so long. And after I promised Mamm I'd take baptism classes this summer . . . The Ebb Tide Sallie Riehl has dreamed of traveling at least once before settling down to join church, so she is thrilled at an unexpected summer opportunity to nanny in Cape May for a well-to-do family. However, saying even a temporary good-bye to Paradise Township means forgoing baptism another year, as well as leaving behind a would-be beau. Yet the weeks in Cape May soon prove unforgettable as Sallie meets a Mennonite young man whose friendship she quickly begins to cherish. Has she been too hasty with her promises, or will she only find what her heart is longing for back home? Bestseller Lewis continues her streak of affecting, enjoyable Amish tales with this story of a young woman in present-day Lancaster County, Penn., who's eager to see the world. . . . Fans of Lewis's work or Amish fiction in general will relish this heartwarming story of self-discovery, friendship, and the search for God's will. --Publishers Weekly starred review Lewis' latest contains relatable inner conflicts, such as searching for direction and God's plan, which will likely resonate with readers. There are some twists on the typical Amish tale, especially since much of this novel takes place outside the Amish community. Tender scenes combine with strong character development, and solid spiritual wisdom is woven throughout. --RT Book Reviews Read more See all Editorial Reviews